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Main Prize Winners

Prateek Singh

Shubham Madaan

Vaibhav Jain

Md Sonu Alam

Salim Khan


Jersey Winners

Rohit Patange

Herman Patel

Naga Phaneendra Chittibomma

Nooralam Shaikh

Amaan Ariyaan

Tapash Sardar

Aamir Farukhi

Sufiyan Qureshi

Radhik Sanju Panditi

Vithal Mundaganur


Sanjay Shivaji Patil

Chitranjan Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Ummer Shariff

Shabana Naaz

Krishna Rao


Mahadi Hussain

Asif Ashu

Congratulations to all the winners

it's time to pack your bags
and teleport to ipl

*The whole process of choosing the winners was as transparent as possible on the @parimatchnews Instagram page (even now you can see the selection record) and after the first round, the company representatives could not get through to all the winners and re-selected new ones. We went down the list and accidentally called not five participants, but six. Therefore, with all responsibility, the company decided to fulfill one more dream.